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Standard Colors Vs. Custom Color

Standard Colors:  Below you will see a list of 16 colors that we consider standard.  They are the best sellers and account for over 50% of our business.  

Custom Colors:  If none of the colors below match what you are looking for, we will create a custom color to match any Benjamin Moore or Sherwin Williams color.  You will be charged a $200 color development fee in order to produce the sample door for your approval in the custom color.  This fee will be refunded back to you after you place your cabinetry order.   

Paint colors.JPG

Paint Specifics: 


Our Paints are an industrial quality (not simply commercial quality) coating that is termed a "two-part catalyzed conversion" material vs. a water solvent based material paint used by others. 


- Greater Chemical and UV resistance

- Improved flexibility of the finish

- Harder finish that improves wear and scratch resistance.

We apply two primer coats with a final finish coat

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