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We've had enough!!

After completing over 700 design and build projects in the Northern Virginia Area, we realized that it was time to bring the power of 3D visualization to the design/build industry. CGI has been used in movies for years, why not in construction. At the time when all other industries are experiences exponential growth and innovation, the construction industry in the US, especially smaller scale and residential projects, seems to be using the same means and methods as were used in 1900's.

The picture below is of a Sears house from the 1920's. Even though I have a degree in Architecture from the University of Virginia, I had no idea how unique and revolutionary Sears homes were until my wife Andrea and I bought one in McLean, VA in 2001.

We live in a house very similar to the one in the picture. In 1920's one could literally buy a house from a catalog. Within weeks, 30,000 pieces of house were sent by train and dropped off at a nearby depot. All of the wood was pre-cut, and every piece of lumber was stamped with numbers for easy assembly.

An instruction book was included in the package with very precise directions (think IKEA), as well as estimates of what it would cost to put the house together. Every nail, door, trim, piece of molding, stair railings, studs, rafters - all was included in the package.

Armed with knowledge, experience and a drive to do things differently, we decided to embark on a new adventure by starting a company that puts AFTER, BEFORE. It is very typical so see the before and after pictures. But, what if you could SEE the AFTER picture, BEFORE any work is done? What if you could see your actual selections, ideas, thoughts in the space as it will be built before? Image having access to a picture quality visualization of your counter top, appliances, cabinetry, bar stools, coffee maker - all this in your current or future space.

Stay tuned for more!!!

Andrea Dovgalyuk, Designer

Co - Founder

See After Before®

#kitchen #bath #design #visualization

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